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Welcome to an Farooq Paracha
Recruitment Agency

Farooq Paracha Recruitment Agency is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Pakistan that endeavour to enable organizations to recruit a staff of profoundly productive and talented professionals, and furthermore serve employees by opening up new vistas of work opportunities for them. We are proud of creating the sort of professional environment that would satisfy the mission and vision that businesses are based upon. Furthermore, we are working in exceptionally dynamic and diversified global markets.

With years of incredible experience in sourcing and deploying most competent workers in all domains, Farooq Paracha manpower recruitment consultancy has served internationally reputed clients.

Our business solutions are:

Farooq Paracha Recruitment Agency offers a customized, high-quality, research-based talent consulting services. We are exclusively well-positioned to help address your talent needs by leveraging our competence, associations and service competences built over ___ years.

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Farooq Paracha Recruitment Agency

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Farooq Paracha Recruitment Agency has developed proprietary technology that enables the recruitment of professionals as well as skilled personnel. We recruit for multinational/overseas corporations across various divisions of the industry. We have a structured and systematic selection process, which is practical, comprehensive and target oriented. This process strictly holds the idea of understanding the clients’ needs, sourcing and offshoring the most eligible applicant and to follow-up with both clients and candidates after recruitment.

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