Recruitment Process at Farooq Paracha Recruitment Agency

Are you looking for a job in Pakistan & Gulf countries? Then you have come to the right place because M/s Farooq Paracha is one of the top-listed overseas employment agencies in Pakistan that provides the most appropriate outsourcing service. The recruiting process includes the consideration of a candidate’s suitability for a particular job.

As an overseas employment promoter; we, at M/s Farooq Paracha, regularly receive our clients’ requirements for candidates with certain skill sets and experience. The recruitment process is done right to ensure that the resources hired are the best fit for an assignment or project.

M/s Farooq Paracha, the Best Manpower Recruitment Consultant in Pakistan, is accepting online job applications and ruminate candidates seeking jobs through a structured recruitment process. A systematic process of recruitment takes place according to the pre-defined procedure by our agency. It helps us to work periodically to avoid any uncertainty. Sometimes the process may differ depending on the job’s nature, but somehow our recruitment process remains the same. We maintain standards without being biased or racist. Are you curious to know how the recruitment process takes place at M/s Farooq Paracha? Here are some of the steps our team of professional recruiters follows:

Stage 1: Accepting applications online

M/s Farooq Paracha accepts applications online submitted by candidates, available for different positions. We take a look at your application and CV to find out how appropriately you fit the company’s position and performing job duties. Our team of highly skilled professionals evaluate your interpersonal skills, job experience, and figure out how well you can handle the job responsibilities in a company.

Stage 2: Assortment of applications/CVs

In the wake of getting your application and starting the assessment, in case you have effectively coordinated the pre-necessities, your application will be sent for review to the recruitment staff. The Recruitment staff at Farooq Paracha Recruitment Agency will assess your profile and will examine your CV to determine whether your experience suits the job requirements. Then there comes the next stage where candidates are shortlisted.

Stage 3: Initial Selection Process – Shortlisting

After shortlisting, the Line Manager will assess the rest of the profiles and personal information of shortlisted candidates. The Manager will also glance through the candidates’ specialized abilities and professional training for the jobs they have applied. At this stage, the recruitment team will decide which candidate will qualify for the interview.

Stage 4: Interviews

After shortlisting, our recruitment team at M/s Farooq Paracha – Overseas Recruitment Consultant – will contact the candidate for the interview, which can either be a telephonic meeting or face to face meeting. This is how our team is able to discover the abilities and aptitudes for the post you have applied for. After a telephonic interview, there will be a one to one meeting with the candidate. Final selection events can comprise of an interview, analysis exercise, presentations, group activities, or other activities depending on the role for which you are applying. Our recruitment staff makes it sure to be actively involved during the whole process to hire the best candidate according to the Job requirements.

Stage 5: Joining Process

After arriving at this stage successfully, the team of professional recruiters in Pakistan gives a formal idea of work to the candidate. In the wake of having you formally informed about your job, the recruitment staff at M/s Farooq Paracha coordinated the whole process with you. You may likewise be solicited to give a few or all the legal documents, i.e., Employment References, Criminal Record Check, Education Certificates, Medical Reports, or any other record required by the organization.